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Welcome to the morning after Isaias! Please remember that crews will be working on tree and brush removal and give them plenty of room to work. Leave any brush of your own out and Public Works will be picking it up as they can get to it, including the normal pick up next Tuesday.

Do be careful under large trees and in the parks, as weak and broken branches will continue to fall. It may be a while before we can get someone in the big trees.

Do alert someone if you see anything out of the ordinary, especially loose utility wires.

Contact the office if you have any storm/flood damage to buildings or structures.

Let us know if you need anything or have any questions.

Don’t forget COVID-19 – masks are still required and this is no time to let your guard down.

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8/3/2020  6 pm From Talbot County Emergency Management:

Tropical Storm Isaias will start to show impacts to our area tonight, intensifying around 6-7 AM tomorrow morning, and lasting through late tomorrow afternoon. Here a few things to know in respects to Talbot County:

🌧 We could see an average of 4-6 inches of rain between now and Tuesday evening, with potential for isolated areas with up to 8 inches of rain.

🌧 Potential of tidal surge between 1-3 ft causing minor to moderate flooding, especially in the Bay Hundred and Oxford areas.

🌧 Tropical Storm Force Winds between 39-70 mph

Here is how you can stay connected and be prepared:

📱 Follow NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center and Talbot County Emergency Services (DES) for updates

📱 Sign up for weather alerts at www.talbotdes.org and click on Talbot County Citizen Alerts

📺 📻 Tune into local news and radio channels📻

🏠 Secure your property, boats, and loose outdoor objects

📄 Know how to contact your family, friends, and neighbors prior, during, and after the storm ✅www.ready.gov

As always, if you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1


NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center 8/3/2020  5 pm


– A Hurricane Warning is in effect for…
* South Santee River South Carolina to Surf City North Carolina
– A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for…
* Edisto Beach South Carolina to Cape Fear North Carolina
* Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, including the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers
* Oregon Inlet North Carolina to the North Carolina/Virginia state line
– A Storm Surge Watch is in effect for…
* Cape Fear to Oregon Inlet North Carolina
– A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for…
* Savannah River to South Santee River South Carolina
* North of Surf City North Carolina to Stonington Maine
* Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds
* Chesapeake Bay
* Tidal Potomac River
* Delaware Bay
* Long Island and Long Island Sound
* Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Block Island
– A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for…
* North of Stonington to Eastport Main

Hurricane conditions are expected within the hurricane warning area in South and North Carolina this evening and tonight, with tropical storm conditions spreading onshore in the next few hours. Widespread tropical-storm-conditions are expected in thetropical storm warning area from coastal North Carolina to themid-Atlantic states, including portions of the Chesapeake Bay region, tonight and Tuesday, with wind gusts to hurricane force possible. These winds could cause tree damage and power outages. Tropical storm conditions are expected to reach southern New England Tuesday afternoon and northern New England Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

The combination of a dangerous storm surge and the tide will cause normally dry areas near the coast to be flooded b rising waters moving inland from the shoreline. The water coul reach the following heights above ground somewhere in the indicated areas if the peak surge occurs at the time of high tide…
– South Santee River SC to Cape Fear NC…3-5 ft
– Edisto Beach SC to South Santee River SC…2-4 ft
– Cape Fear NC to the North Carolina/Virginia border including Pamlico Sound, Albemarle Sound, Neuse and Pamlico Rivers…2-4 ft
– Savannah River to Edisto Beach SC…1-3 ft
– North of the North Carolina/Virginia state line to Martha’s Vineyard, including the Chesapeake Bay, the Tidal Potomac River, Delaware Bay,Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, Narragansett Bay, Buzzards Bay, and Vineyard Sound…1-3 ft.

At 5 p.m. EDT, the center of Tropical Storm Isaias was located about 60 miles (10 km) south-southeast of Charleson, SC, and about 120 miles (195 km) south-southwest of Myrtle Beach, SC It’s moving toward the north-northeast near 16 mph (26 km/h), and this general motion accompanied by a gradual increase in forward speed is expected through tonight followed by a further increase in the forward speed on Tuesday. On the forecast track, the center of Isaias will approach the coasts of northeastern South Carolina and southern North Carolina within the hurricane warning area this evening, move inland across eastern North Carolina early Tuesday morning, move along the coast of the mid-Atlantic states on Tuesday, and continue across the northeastern United States Tuesday night.

Data from NOAA Doppler weather radars indicate that maximum sustained winds are near 70 mph (110 km/h) with higher gusts. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 125 miles (205 km) from the center. During the past couple of hours, a sustained wind of 45 mph (72 km/h) and a gust to 52 mph (83 km/h) were measured by a Weatherflow site at Folly Beach Pier, South Carolina. Some strengthening is forecast later this afternoon or early evening, and Isaias is expected to make landfall tonight at or near hurricane strength along the coast of northeastern South Carolina or southern North Carolina. Only gradual weakening is anticipated after Isaias makes landfall in the Carolinas and moves across the U.S. mid-Atlantic region tonight and Tuesday.

Heavy rainfall along the East Coast, near the path of Isaias, will result in flash and urban flooding, some of which may be significant in the eastern Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast through Wednesday. Widespread minor to moderate river flooding is possible across portions of the Carolinas and the Mid-Atlantic. Quick-responding rivers in Northeast will also be susceptible to minor river flooding.

A few tornadoes will be possible near northeastern South Carolina coastal areas by early this evening, before spreading across eastern North Carolina tonight into Tuesday morning. A couple of tornadoes will be possible on Tuesday from eastern Virginia northeastward into southern New England.

The next complete advisory will be issued by NHC at 11 p.m. EDT with an intermediate advisory at 8 p.m. EDT – www.hurricanes.gov

Tropical Storm Isaias is nearing the Carolinas today and is expected to impact our area as early as this evening lasting through Tuesday evening.

Talbot County is currently under a Tropical Storm Warning, meaning we will see tropical storm effects to our area within the next 24 hours.

Flash Flood Watch in effect from August 3 10:00 PM to August 5 12:00 AM Coastal Flood Watch in effect from August 4 11:00 AM until August 5 6:00 AM

We can expect tropical storm force winds, heavy rainfall, and tidal flooding in low lying areas. Please use today as time to prepare!

💨 Secure outdoor furniture or equipment

💨 Clean storm drains and gutters to prevent overflow and water buildup

💨 Don’t wait. Communicate! Know how to get in contact with friends, family, and neighbors during an emergency.

💨 Fuel up your vehicle and generator.

💨 Shelve household items and electronic equipment off of your basement floors

🚨 As always, if you encounter an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

This is the time to make sure you are signed up for all of the proper alerts for your area. You can sign up at www.talbotdes.org by clicking on Talbot County Citizen Alerts 📱

 www.Ready.gov and www.talbotdes.org have all the information you will need from communication plans to emergency supply kits. 🧰

As a Marylander or as a visitor to Maryland, you should Know Your Zone to see if the places you live, work, or visit are in one of Maryland’s three evacuation zones. Please visit www.knowyourzonemd.com to learn more about your zone and how you can prepare. You can also find flood mapping information on www.talbotdes.org.

NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center

US National Weather Service Philadelphia/Mount Holly Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

Know Your Zone – RED is Zone A

July 30, 2020 – As we head into another weekend, the Governor has taken additional steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

There are at least 21 States experiencing major increases in both positive cases and hospitalizations, and it is important in Maryland and here in Oxford that we do everything we can to keep to keep the spread of this virus manageable. 

The biggest takeaway from the Governor’s new order is that mask are required! Whether you are in a store or a business or an office or any public place, masks are required. This includes outside, if you cannot clearly keep sufficient distance from others. This is more restrictive than the current town guidelines and it should be noted, that for the most part, people moving around town should have a mask on. 

The other information of interest is the data derived from contract tracing, demonstrating two areas with the highest risk for exposure and where most people think masks are not necessary, family gatherings and work environments.  

New cases are currently highest in the under 35 working population, but the real concern is the spread of these cases to more vulnerable populations. Let’s all do our part to minimize the spread and protect our family, friends and neighbors. 

CONTACT TRACING DATA. In addition to identifying individuals who may have been infected with COVID-19, Maryland is now using contact tracing data to find patterns of behavior, and to identify where and how the virus is spreading. The governor announced the following findings based on recent interviews conducted with COVID-19 patients:

  • Higher-Risk Gatherings (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Family Gatherings – 44%
    • House Parties – 23%
    • Outdoor Event – 21%
  • Higher-Risk Locations (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Work Outside the Home – 54%
    • Indoor/Retail Shopping – 39%
    • Indoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
    • Outdoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
  • Employment Information (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Health care – 25%
    • Other – Non-public Facing – 23%
    • Other – Public Facing – 13%
    • Restaurant/Food Service – 12%

For the latest information regarding the COVID-19 for the Town of Oxford and Talbot County: Corona Virus News

Emergency Preparedness information can be found here. Please visit our Facebook page for current updates leading up to and during an actual weather event. 

Please note the Oxford Election for one Commissioner has been postponed until September 15, 2020.        2020 Election Information

Information regarding Public Hearings can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Recent Information concerning ongoing efforts to build resilience for Oxford can be found here: Oxford Shoreline Improvements

Information regarding Oxford’s Economic Development efforts can be found here: Oxford Economic Development

Prior news updates:

July 16, 2020 – We are not out of the woods yet….   We are steadily seeing the number of people testing positive in Talbot County rising at an alarming rate. While most of the State is seeing a positivity rate around 4%, Talbot County is running above 8%. What does positivity rate mean: it is the percent of positive test out of the test taken over the most recent 7 day period. In theory, more test should make the rate go down, but in our case the more test, the higher the rate. Why is this important: it means there are people carrying the virus in our county and we now need to be more cautious than ever! 

Governor Hogan has expressed concerns with crowds in restaurants and bars and sent out the following reminder to all counties: 

  • Bars and Restaurants are open for seated service only with physical distancing and capacity restrictions. Customers must be six feet apart from other guests. Standing and congregating in bar areas is strictly prohibited. 
  • All staff must wear face coverings while working and interacting with customers.
  • For facilities with booths, every other booth must be closed.
  • No more than six people may sit at a table.

Please remember in Oxford all customers must wear a face mask inside and outside of businesses, with the exception of when you are seated at a table to eat.

Please help our local businesses by abiding by the regulations and making things easier on them, so they can continue to provide us with their services. 

Please take the time to use a face covering when you are around anyone who does not reside in your house. Let’s continue to keep Oxford healthy.

7/2/2020 The word for this holiday weekend: Refrain

We are reminding all Oxfordian’s to seriously consider their movements this holiday weekend and to continue practicing social distancing and the use of face coverings! You cannot over protect yourself during this pandemic, but you can easily fall into a false sense of security and under protect yourself. If you see others who are not following the recommendations, the smart thing to do is avoid the situation. Below is the latest from Talbot County:

“The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over,” says Dr. Fredia Wadley, Talbot County Health Officer. “We need to stop pretending that it is.”

Dr. Wadley joined the chorus of health officials warning that relaxed restrictions and increased travel over the July 4th holiday will accelerate an increase in COVID-19 cases.

Until recently, the number of new cases in Talbot County was low in comparison to surrounding counties on the Eastern Shore and other rural counties around the state. But the county’s numbers have surged in the past week, with an additional 21 confirmed cases.

“Talbot County has seen its seven-day average positivity rate increase from 0.5% to 3.4%,” Dr. Wadley says. “We did not even have a week with that many cases in the first wave that peaked in May.”

While Talbot County’s growing numbers are partially related to increased testing, the rise in cases is also being caused by a return to “business as usual” for many. Adherence to social distancing measures and mask usage have dropped as businesses have reopen.

“We are finding more confirmed cases of COVID-19 related to family reunions, trips to the beach, and other social gatherings,” Dr. Wadley confirms. “But it’s not just where you have been that increases your risk of infection. It’s where everyone within six feet of you has been over the past two weeks–especially if those people were not wearing facial coverings.

Within Oxford, masks or face coverings are required inside all business establishments and outside businesses where 6′ of social distance is not possible.

A message from Commission President John Pepe as delivered at the June 23, 2020 Commissioners Meeting:

This is usually the week of June that the Commissioners and Administration attend three days of seminars and group discussions with other Towns and small cities in Maryland at the Maryland Municipal League Conference. As with many planned events of this type, this one was modified to be an on-line conference with none of the personal interaction we get from face to face dialog.

On-line conferences have become the norm for us all, but we all long to get back to the days of face to face discussions. The same is true of our bi-monthly Commission meetings. It is important that we hear from you, the citizens, be it to criticize or commend our decisions. I for one look forward to having open meetings at the Town Hall. Until then, we will continue to do the business of the Town through on-line meetings and keep you all informed. Please be patient with us, especially your Town Manager who has worked tirelessly throughout this Pandemic.

Speaking as one Commissioner, I would like to thank the citizens of Oxford for their patience and calm demeanor as we continue to open the Town after almost four months of having been through a series of quarantines and stay at home orders, and restrictions placed on our businesses, that have affected us all to some degree.

I do not believe that any of us would have thought that this Covid -19 virus would have kept us from enjoying the many attributes of our Town, for so long a period of time.

These changes in our daily routines and the constant uncertainty that we all feel, have left us wondering if we will ever get back normal, the good old days of five months ago. The short answer is hopefully yes, we will, if we continue to pay attention.

It is a tribute to all, our citizens, business owners, Town Manager and most importantly our Town employees who have worked tirelessly in the background, that we have up to this point pretty much skirted the effects of the virus, due to your vigilance and selflessness in your daily actions.

Please know that any decisions that have been made during the ongoing pandemic regarding Town activities, were made with only one thing in mind,  That is the safety of our Town and its citizens.

Thank you and stay safe.  

6/16/20 Today’s good news – Talbot County has had 7 straight days of no new COVID 19 positive cases and non-symptomatic testing continues to be available to the general public by appointment with the Talbot County Health Department. The Talbot County Health Officer is still cautioning all to continue to practice Social Distancing of 6’ and continued use of masks is recommended when 6’ of Social Distancing is not possible.

Within Oxford, masks or face coverings are required inside all business establishments and outside businesses where 6′ of social distance is not possible. Face coverings are not required when ‘seated’ at a table for dining purposes. Oxfordians have been very vigilant in this effort and the Commissioners appreciate everyone’s consideration for their neighbor and patience throughout this pandemic, and are asking everyone to continue with the same thoughtfulness as we enter into the summer season.

With the continued decline in COVID cases, Oxford’s continued incremental reopening of recreational facilities will include the reopening of the rest of the Strand Beach this week. Although this area is outside, it is still necessary to follow the State and CDC recommended guidelines. Social Distancing of 6’ between non-family members is necessary for your health and the health of others when utilizing the beach areas. Please be considerate of others. If you are sick, please stay home. Please also remember vehicles cannot ‘stop, stand, or park’ at any time on the Strand Roadvisitors must go to the parking lot to unload and walk to the beach area. This is a narrow road and for the safety of all it is necessary to enforce this regulation.

All recreational areas are open with guidelines and occupancy limits posted. Please abide by the posted signage.

6/12/20 Summer continues with good news. With Covid 19 positive numbers down the Governor has lifted the restriction on indoor dinning. Restaurants may now open at 50% capacity, when they are ready, although many will choose to continue outside dining and takeout for those who wish to be cautious. Within Oxford, masks or face coverings are still required inside all business establishments and outside businesses where 6′ of social distance is not possible. Face coverings are not required when ‘seated’ at a table for dining purposes. The 10 person limit has been lifted, but large gatherings and large indoor venues are still discouraged. Most recreational facilities in Oxford have been opened, with guidelines and occupancy limits posted. Social Distancing is required in all areas and carrying of personal supplies of hand sanitizer and bottled water is recommended.

The Oxford Bellevue Ferry has opened for the season, face coverings and social distancing of 6′ (except for family members) are required.

The Oxford Strand Beach remains closed to wading, sunbathing and fishing, as the narrow strip of beach is too small to provide sufficient social distancing once a crowd has gathered on it. 

Please continue to follow the recommended guidelines for the benefit of yourself, those close to you and your neighbors. We can only continue our successful efforts during this very trying time with everyone’s continued vigilance. 

6/6/2020 The warm weather is finally here and the State of Maryland has moved completely into Stage Two of its Roadmap to Recovery, which for Oxford has not changed very much. This is just a reminder that Social Distancing is still the best way to protect ourselves at this time. The Governor’s Orders still prohibit gatherings of more than 10 people, along with indoor recreation and dining. Masks are required inside Oxford businesses and also areas outside of our businesses when 6′ of social distancing is not possible.

The good news is we have Oxford Restaurants offering outdoor seating, along with continuing to offer carry out, our small shops have opened cautiously, activities at marinas are picking up and ice cream is being served!  

The sad news is that there will not be a Fireworks celebration this year. 

5/23/2020  As we begin our Memorial Day weekend let us continue to follow the precautions we have all learned over the last two months while outside enjoying our families and this beautiful weather. Below is the posted open/closed information. Please abide by the requirement to wear MASKS within all our local businesses and outside these businesses if 6′ of social distancing is not possible.

Please keep those whom this holiday memorializes in your heart and the sacrifices they have made for our freedom.

OPEN and available for use with restrictions:

Tennis Courts are open for Tennis and Pickleball – please follow posted guidelines for these sports

Dog Park is open for use, please follow posted guidelines

Town Park and Causeway Park are open for fresh air and exercise – please practice social distancing of 6’ – and although having lunch at a table or bench is permissible, gathering and picnicking is prohibited, no tents, chairs, blankets, etc., and please dispose of trash upon finishing your meal in one of the provided trash cans.

Contracted Portable Toilets are available through out town – please practice personal hygiene when using them

These facilities remain CLOSED:

Town Strand Beaches and Beach Park areas – The Town cannot ensure proper physical distancing along these narrow strips of sand and grass. To protect the public health, welfare, and safety, they will remain closed until further notice.No access to these areas is permitted.

Town Playground Equipment and Basketball Courts – The CDC has recommended against use of the facilities due to the inability to ensure physical distancing and a sanitary environment.


Inside all Businesses ~ Outside Businesses when within 6’ of others

· Please carry your own hand sanitizer or wipes

· Practice Social Distancing of 6’ in all public areas

· Gatherings and Picnicking is prohibited in all areas

· Groups of 10 or more – prohibited in all public areas

5/15/20  As many already know, the Governor is lifting his Stay at Home order at 5 pm today and reminding everyone that we are now in a Safer at Home phase.

We want to remind our residents and visitors, this does not mean that any of us are now safer, the virus is as much, if not more, of a threat now. What is different is that we are all know more! We know the importance of Social Distancing and that wearing Masks works best if we all do it to protect each other, and especially, washing our hands before and after touching any surface is important!

And yes we are all still Safer at Home!!

What has changed in Oxford? Tennis Courts have opened and now included Pickleball nets and the Dog Park is open. Please follow the posted regulations, continue to practice social distancing and abide by the posted capacity for these areas.

Portable Toilets are also open. Please remember to carry your hand sanitizer and your personal mask with you whenever you are in public so that you are prepared and can protect yourself and your neighbors. Carrying your own drinking water is also a good idea as the days get warmer.

Town Park and Causeway Park continue to be available for outdoor exercise and fresh air, but picnics and gatherings are still not permitted.

Water fountains, playground equipment and the basketball courts remain closed per CDC recommendations as are the Strand Beach and Park areas. These beach and park areas are not large enough to accommodate visitors, while also allowing for Social Distancing of 6’ and groups of 10 or less.

New businesses with soft re-openings this weekend include The Treasurer Chest and Mystery Loves Company. These ladies will be providing their own requirements based on the Governor’s orders and guidance and will be posting the information on their doors. Please help them with a successful opening that keeps both you and them safe and comfortable in our new normal.

Our local restaurants continue to offer takeout of food and beverages as permitted by the Governor’s Orders. Doc’s has joined Robert Morris Inn, Latitude 38 and the Oxford Market in providing to go food for takeout/curbside pick up. And the Scottish Creamery and the Oxford Social will be serving their famous treats for takeout also!! Please assist these businesses, by practicing social distancing, wearing masks when picking up food and leaving the premises immediately and before consumption, in order for them to remain compliant.

The restrictions on recreational boating were lifted previously, but the operations and accessibility to private Marinas is at their discretion, as they continue to access the safest operations for their facilities.

All Town Buildings remain closed to the public, although staff has and will continued to operate behind the scenes, as we work on providing the level of service Oxfordians are accustomed to. Town Meetings will remain virtual in the foreseeable future and agendas and call in information will continue to be posted on the Town Bulletin Board and on the Town Calendar found at Oxfordmd.net.

Should you wear a mask in public? Although not a requirement while walking outside, it is when approaching or entering retail and food establishments, and is highly recommended anytime you must be within 6’ of another person. If you are vulnerable, it is recommended that you limit your contact with anyone outside your immediate family and wear a mask when you are outside of the safety and comfort of your home.

Everyone Stay Safe, Stay Aware and Stay Calm, we will get through this together.



            Please take notice that the COMMISSIONERS OF OXFORD will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. on the following Ordinance:


In addition, the COMMISSIONERS OF OXFORD will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. on the following Resolution:


If adopted, Resolution 2007 would establish the following water and sewer connection fees effective September 1, 2020:

            New Connection to Water – existing vacant lot:        $2,500

            New Connection to Water – new lot:                         $5,000

            New Connection to Sewer – existing vacant lot:       $2,500

            New Connection to Sewer – new lot:                         $5,000

Ordinance 2006 and Resolution 2007 are posted online.  All interested persons are invited to participate and comment upon the proposed Ordinance and Resolution.  It is anticipated that the public hearing will be held by video and/or conference call. Instructions for how to access the hearing will be posted at www.oxfordmd.net prior to the meeting. Questions and comments prior to the meeting can be directed to oxfordclerk@goeaston.net.

All interested persons are invited to attend and to comment upon the proposed ordinance. 

By Authority: Commissioners of Oxford, 101 Market Street, Oxford Maryland.




The Town of Oxford, Maryland (the “Town”) is requesting proposals from qualified and interested persons, for the purchase, design, and redevelopment of a building owned by the Town, commonly known as the “Mews”, which is located on certain real property at 105 South Morris Street, Oxford, Maryland and is identified on Talbot County Tax Map 400, as parcel 523. Centrally located within the Oxford’s Historic District, it is one of the few multiuse commercial properties located along Morris Street, directly across from the Town Park. The Town is seeking proposals for the purchase, design, and redevelopment of the Mews for uses consistent with the goals and objectives of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and other planning documents to ensure the continued viability of this Historic Commercial area.

A complete description of the project and scope of work is set forth in the bid package, which may be requested from the Town Office by email to oxfordclerk@goeaston.net. Sealed proposals will be accepted no later than 4:00 pm on February 7, 2020 February 28, 2020, at the Oxford Town Office, 101 Market Street, Oxford, Maryland 21654 and including a digital copy by email to oxfordclerk@goeaston.net. Interested bidders are encouraged to attend a pre-bid meeting and site visit on January 10, 2020, at 1:00 pm at the Oxford Town Office. All inquiries, site visits, questions, etc. concerning the proposal shall be forwarded by email to oxfordclerk@goeaston.net.

The Town reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any requirements and to accept all or part of any proposal considered to be in the best interest of the Town. The Town of Oxford is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Discrimination based on age, race, sex, handicap or national origin is expressly prohibited.

Commissioners of Oxford ~ PO Box 339, Oxford MD 21654 ~ 410-476-5122



The Town of Oxford is pleased to have available this year’s annual drinking water report. This report is designed to inform you of the quality of water and services that the town delivers to you every day.

If you live in Oxford’s service area, but do not receive a water bill, please pick up a copy of this 2019 drinking water quality report at the Oxford Town Office or download here.


Complete copies of all ordinances, meeting minutes, maps, and other town records are maintained in the Oxford Town Office. This website, and the partial records shown on this website, are provided as a convenience only. This website is not a repository of official public records of the Town of Oxford.