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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Recycle will be picked up on Friday November 27th. 

Please abide by the CDC recommendations linked below and have a safe and healthy holiday. 



Representatives from FEMA, Maryland DNR and MES joined the Oxford Commissioners at their virtual meeting on November 10, 2020 to present them with a plaque representing their entrance into the FEMA Community Rating Service program and welcoming them to the program. Read the FEMA press release: Oxford MD Saves Residents Money on Flood Insurance Premiums

New to Oxford? 

What are those blue lines running down Morris Street? These are temporary lines that have been placed so that the contractors can reline the water main that runs under Morris Street. This work should be finished up mid December, but in the meantime we all need to be aware of the construction and let others know that the work is necessary and the short term inconvenience will benefit all residents in the long run. If you see Orange Blankets placed over these lines they are for the purpose of protecting the lines from freezing temperatures and also temporary. Please call the town office during regular hours if you have any questions 410-226-5122 and after hours if you see a problem, like a leak or tampering with any of the barriers etc., you can call the Town Manager at 443-496-1761.

October 7, 2020 Commissioner Elect Jimmy Jaramillo was officially sworn into office as an Oxford Town Commissioner by Commission President John Pepe.


Exiting Commissioner Gordon Graves was presented citations for his 9 years and 3 months of honored work for the Town of Oxford. Pictured here with Senator Addie Eckardt.
For the most recent Notices of Public Hearings: Notice of Public Hearings

November 16, 2020 update for Oxford…The daily cases of COVID are steadily increasing throughout Maryland and locally here in Talbot County. Now is the time to once again follow the CDC guidelines to reduce spread, social distancing and masks. Reduce your travels and consider ordering groceries and food for delivery or pick up. 

November 11, 2020 update for Oxford…Flu season is here and we are seeing an alarming uptick in COVID cases nationwide and here in Maryland. The eastern shore numbers have been decent lately, but the concern is that the shore will lag behind the state and nation once again and our numbers will begin to rise in the near future. We in Oxford must once again push back and not allow this virus to impact our town residents. Please abide by the Governor’s request of avoiding gatherings of 25 or more people, especially were masks and social distancing is not being practiced. Please be cautious traveling outside of Oxford, and when leaving the state, get tested upon return and quarantine until you get your results. It behooves us all to stoically continue what we have learned over the last 6 months and do what is best for our family, friends and neighbors.  

October 22, 2020 COVID-19 update for Oxford…

As the fall flu season is now upon us, it is everyone’s best interest to be exceptionally careful, get your flu shot and continue to practice wearing of your masks when in public and 6′ of distancing. After a lull, it seems the COVID case rate in Talbot County and on the Eastern Shore as a whole is steadily increasing. Now is the time to drop back to the cautions of Spring and reduce opportunities for transmission.

September 18, 2020 COVID-19 update for Oxford…

The past two weeks have produced 41 new positive COVID-19 cases in Talbot County and 5 new cases in the Oxford zip code. As it appears these new cases are in the general public, it behooves everyone to continue to practice the necessary precautions in our daily lives to reduce the risks to ourselves, our family and our neighbors. Health-Officer-Update-for-Talbot-COVID-at-Stage-3-9.3.2020

September 3, 2020 COVID-19 update for Oxford… 

Sadly, the 21654 zip code has shown up on the State of Maryland’s COVID mapping with 8 positive cases of COVID. Because they don’t post any cases on the State map until you have at least 8 cases for privacy reasons, you appear to have none, until you suddenly have 8 cases.This has caused some concern and questions, so a little explanation of the possibilities might be helpful.

These are not necessarily all new cases…. some, or all but 1, could have been from months ago. Additionally the 21654 zip code goes practically to Rt 50 – so could be we still have none in town. We all agree it can be frustrating because you would like to know if there is a key thing to avoid. Talbot County has confirmed the 8 cases are in the 21654 zip code, but again not necessarily all active cases, and as there were only 20 active cases when Oxford went on the map, it is likely we only have 1 or 2 new cases in the expanded Oxford area.

Although we had been running with ‘0’ new cases in Talbot County for awhile, there has been an uptick with 24 new cases in the last 7 days, so we should all remain cautious. 

What does this mean for the residents of Oxford? Continue to practice the recommendations of physical distancing of 6′ or more from all but immediate family, continue the use of face coverings in all circumstances where you are within 6′ of anyone other than immediate family, and continue to practice good hygiene. When you leave your house have a face covering and hand sanitizer, and make use of both items to protect yourself and those around you. 

For the latest information regarding the COVID-19 for the Town of Oxford and Talbot County: COVID-19 / Corona Virus Information

NEW!  Text to 911 is now available for Emergencies  Talbot County Emergency Services has just announced that in an Emergency when you cannot make an audio call, you can now Text a message to 911. (This service has been set up with the following carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.)


As you take down your Purple Lights please remember to return town bulbs to the town office. They can be left outside the door in the hand sanitzer bucket on week days and we will retrieve them. 


It is Hurricane Season! Please visit our Emergency Prepardness page and be sure your are ready for a summer weather event, before you find yourself in the middle of one: Emergency Preparedness    Please visit our Facebook page for current updates leading up to and during an actual weather event. 


Face Coverings are required in Oxford, Talbot County and Maryland whenever you are within a Business or Office, whenever you are outside and cannot consistently maintain a 6′ distance from others who do not live with you. 

Free COVID testing for Talbot County Residents is available through the Talbot County Health Department on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment, which can be scheduled by calling this number: 410-819-5632 – Residents who travel outside of the area should schedule a test when returning to Oxford. 

WHAT IS CONTACT TRACING DATA. In addition to identifying individuals who may have been infected with COVID-19, Maryland is now using contact tracing data to find patterns of behavior, and to identify where and how the virus is spreading. The governor announced the following findings based on recent interviews conducted with COVID-19 patients:

  • Higher-Risk Gatherings (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Family Gatherings – 44%
    • House Parties – 23%
    • Outdoor Event – 21%
  • Higher-Risk Locations (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Work Outside the Home – 54%
    • Indoor/Retail Shopping – 39%
    • Indoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
    • Outdoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
  • Employment Information (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Health care – 25%
    • Other – Non-public Facing – 23%
    • Other – Public Facing – 13%
    • Restaurant/Food Service – 12%

Recent Information concerning ongoing efforts to build resilience for Oxford can be found here: Oxford Shoreline Improvements

Information regarding Oxford’s Economic Development efforts can be found here: Oxford Economic Development


The Town of Oxford is pleased to have available this year’s annual drinking water report. This report is designed to inform you of the quality of water and services that the town delivers to you every day.

If you live in Oxford’s service area, but do not receive a water bill, please pick up a copy of this 2019 drinking water quality report at the Oxford Town Office or download here.


Complete copies of all ordinances, meeting minutes, maps, and other town records are maintained in the Oxford Town Office. This website, and the partial records shown on this website, are provided as a convenience only. This website is not a repository of official public records of the Town of Oxford.