COVID-19 / Corona Virus Information

County Emergency and Informational Links can be found at the end of this page.

MASKS or Face Coverings are REQUIRED by the Commissioners of Oxford and per the Governors Order: Inside all Businesses, Offices, Retail and Restaurants  and Outside whenever 6’ of social distancing cannot be maintained, please be courteous to those around you by wearing your mask.

  • Practice Social Distancing of 6’ in all public areas
  • Please carry your own hand sanitizer or wipes
  • Please carry water and a face covering whenever you are out

Town recreational facilities currently OPEN with restrictions:

While these areas have reopened to the public, please remember we are all responsible for our own health and safety. If you are of vulnerable and age and/or health, please consider avoiding public areas whenever possible or use the recreational areas at times when there are not as many others in the area.

OPEN and available for use with restrictions:

  • Tennis Courts are open for Tennis – please follow posted guidelines and posted occupancy limits
  • Basketball Courts are open for Basketball and Pickleball – please follow posted guidelines and posted occupancy limits for these sports
  • Dog Park is open for use, please follow posted guidelines and posted occupancy
  • Town Park and Causeway Park are open for fresh air and exercise – please practice social distancing of 6’ – for your own safety please wipe down any equipment you use both before and after use
  • Contracted Portable Toilets are available throughout town – please use good hygiene –  sanitizer has been placed at these locations, but it is in your best interest to carry your own whenever you leave home
  • It is recommend that you bring your own hand sanitizer and bottled water when moving around town, along with a face covering for when you find yourself in a situation where it is not possible to maintain 6′ of social distancing
  • Town Strand Beach  – This beach is open for public use from dusk to dawn. Social distancing is required – 6′ between non-family members – if there is not sufficient room for Social Distancing when you arrive, please use a different town park for your recreation. The showers are on and recommended anytime your have been swimming.
  • Town Office Building  and Restrooms – Remain Closed
  • Town Water Fountains Remain Closed – Please carry bottled water when you move around town.


The Town Office Building is currently closed to visitors. The staff will be available by telephone and email, with email being the preferred method of contact to:

Town Administrator –

Assistant Clerk – 

Town Office 410-226-5152 // Urgent issues – 443-496-1761

For police and for all emergency issues always dial 911

Government functions continue. All Commissioner and Board Meetings are being held virtually and participation instructions are posted on the calendar located on this website.Town Office 410-226-5152 // Urgent issues – 443-496-1761

Thank you, Cheryl Lewis, Town Administrator ______________________________________________________________

Free COVID testing for Talbot County Residents is available through the Talbot County Health Department on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment, which can be scheduled by calling this number: 410-819-5632 – Residents who travel outside of the area should schedule a test when returning to Oxford.

WHAT IS CONTACT TRACING DATA. In addition to identifying individuals who may have been infected with COVID-19, Maryland is now using contact tracing data to find patterns of behavior, and to identify where and how the virus is spreading. The governor announced the following findings based on recent interviews conducted with COVID-19 patients:

  • Higher-Risk Gatherings (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Family Gatherings – 44%
    • House Parties – 23%
    • Outdoor Event – 21%
  • Higher-Risk Locations (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Work Outside the Home – 54%
    • Indoor/Retail Shopping – 39%
    • Indoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
    • Outdoor Dining at Restaurant – 23%
  • Employment Information (Percentage of Interviewed Cases):
    • Health care – 25%
    • Other – Non-public Facing – 23%
    • Other – Public Facing – 13%
    • Restaurant/Food Service – 12%

Please see the following County Covid-19 link, which consolidates available information and directs people to appropriate sites:

Further information is available at these links:

Talbot County Emergency Management :

CDC COVID-2019 Website:

Shore Regional Health COVID Information

Maryland Department of Health Website:

Talbot County Health Department Website:

Talbot County Health Department Facebook:

Talbot County Department of Emergency Services Website:

Talbot County Department of Emergency Services Facebook:

Please follow the CDC and the Maryland Governor’s recommendations and mandates over the next few weeks. Social Distancing is a crucial component of reducing the impact of this virus.

As has been stated many times this virus, although mild in young adults and currently of minor impact to children, poses a danger to those over the age of 60 and those who may have compromised immune systems. In addition, the current risk of carrying the virus is much higher if you have traveled to or from an area with active cases and catching the virus if you have interacted with someone who has traveled. Because of these risks, we feel it is important that the community of Oxford take extra precautions.

The objective of the Governor, the County, and your local Commissioners is to slow the spread of this virus in order to not overwhelm the hospitals and to reduce community spread to senior members.

Thank you

Cheryl Lewis, Town Administrator

Below is the link to the Talbot County Facebook page and sign up information for the County emergency notification service.

Talbot County Facebook page:

For Talbot County
Emergency updates you can sign up for text alerts:

Maryland Emergency Management Facebook page:

For updates and tips all Marylanders should opt-in to #MdReady, a texting program that allows people to receive messages via text. To opt in, text “MdReady” to 898211 to begin receiving updates, tips, and alerts about COVID-19 and other threats and hazards.