Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared for a major weather incident? It cannot be said enough times, anyone who lives on the Chesapeake Bay should fully understand their risks and be prepared to for the possibility of such events, as this will help you protect your property and could be difference between life and death should the worst happen. Please visit our page: Hurricane Tips and Information

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Oxford Emergency Operations Plan


Who Makes an Evacuation Decision?
Talbot County Emergency Management Agency will activate its Emergency Operations Center to provide guidance to municipalities such as Oxford.

The County makes the decision regarding regional evacuation and would recommend evacuation of Oxford. Town officials will then follow up. Oxford’s “Adverse Weather Emergency Operations Plan” is on file in the town office.

How will I be notified?
You will be notified by “Reverse 911” automated telephone calls, the radio, crawlers along the bottom of your television screen, and/or loudspeaker announcements by the public works dept employees and Fire Company members.

Where do I go?
We do not have a designated shelter in Oxford. Neither the fire house nor the community center are safe evacuation shelters. The only approved shelter in Talbot County is Easton High School.

How do I get there?
Transportation will be provided to Easton High School, most likely by school bus. Due to limited parking arrangements and expected road congestion you are requested not to take your private vehicle to the High School.

What about my pets?
Arrangements have been made for pet sheltering but you should get detailed information directly from the Talbot County Humane Society.

Any other sources of information?

What else?
If an evacuation is recommended, leave. Be safe.

Should you choose not to evacuate, you do so at your own peril. Because of the danger to them, rescue personnel will not be dispatched when sustained winds reach forty-miles-per-hour.