Oxford Historic District Commission

The next Historic District Commission Meeting will be held in person at 101 Market Street on May 2, 2022 at 5 pm

Permits for Review:

  • Patricia Freeman, 110 E. Strand, replace existing white wood picket 3’ fence with 3’ metal iron hoop and picket fence in same footprint.
  • Jim and Gail Walls, 106 E. Strand, repair front porch.
  • Stephen and Barbara Hayes, 109 Benoni Street, install low railings on side and front of front porch along with handrails on either side of steps in front of porch.
  • David Beauregard, 104 E. Strand, replace 36 x 80 ¾ light front door slab with 36 x 80 ¾ light front door slab; no alteration required.


  • Justin Warner and Lisa Quina, 313 S. Morris Street, re. proposed changes to property and house.