Oxford Historic District Commission

OXFORD HISTORIC DISTRICT  ~ September 13, 2021  at  5 pm


Applicants are to participate by joining this link:


Citizens are welcome to join at the link above or by audio by calling:  301-715-8592  –  Follow prompts and enter the following:  Meeting ID: 824 0001 0432  Passcode: 304818

Text the clerk at 443-496-1761 if you have any problems.

Permits for Review:

–              Ennismore, LLC, 105 S. Morris St., request to remove 2 existing brick chimney, patch sheathing and install new roofing over openings.

–              Mark Lacey and John Pittman, 207 S. Morris St., replace roofing on house.

–              MKW, LLC, 209 South St., reside existing shed in backyard.

–              Stacey Bredar, 224 South St., install white vinyl clad railing on front porch and at steps, new window boxes, and address plaque in front of house.

–              David Poe, 301 N. Morris St., revision to existing permit to omit elevator request.

–              Dan and Susan Kordell, 510 E. Strand, replace existing driveway and front walk with dry laid clay brick pavers.

–              Harriet Foster, 220 S. Morris Street, new gutters on home and replacement of front yard fencing.

–              Linda Taffe, 307 S. Morris St., alteration of 3 windows down to 1 along with request to replace a door with a window.

–              Jennifer Coyle, replace & reconfigure existing porch posts with white, structural fiberglass posts and expand rear steps to open decks w/railing; add Intex pergola system.

–              Freiderikos Franke, 208 Factory St., remove existing roof surface, install new underlayment, and add solar shingles.

–              Analipsi, 100 West St., revision to existing permit reflecting change in number of energy storage systems and relocation of exterior equipment; approval of foundations for garden structures; approval of front door color of house and accessory structure.

–              Bartley Eckhart and Bonnie Johnson, 102 East Strand, complete renovation of, and addition to, circa 1930 cottage, including stormwater management, concrete and brick terrace, concrete and brick wheel strip driveway; new electric, water, and sewer.

–              William Cawley, 101 Tilghman St., new home with detached garage.

CONSULTATION:   Swallows, LLC, 200 Tred Avon Ave., revisions and restoration to existing house.