Oxford Historic District Commission

The next Historic District Commission Meeting will be held in person at 101 Market Street on February 6, 2023 at 5 pm.

Permits for Review:

  • James Snyder, Jr., 105 High Street, installation of a paver stone style driveway from High Street to garage door and the area immediately in front of building.
  • Linda Taffe, 307 S. Morris Street, removal of two windows due to interior remodeling.
  • Steve Passano, 201 Tred Avon Avenue, replace four windows in-kind.
  • Mark Lacey, 207 S. Morris Street, installation of a ductless heat pump system and white vinyl refrigerant line covers on the side of home.
  • Mary Anne and Joe Feyder, 110 Tilghman Street, screen in portion of existing deck off the rear of house.
  • William and Anne Peck, 208 Tilghman Street, propose installation of 4’ high vinyl picket fence on the waterfront side of the property.




  • Stephen and Barbara Hayes, 109 Benoni Street, re. addition of bathroom above existing screen porch.
  • Michael and Nancy Dean, 202 Market Street, re. removal of one story rear screen porch and storage closet; addition of new two-story addition to rear of home; rebuild 2nd floor roof and walls between front gable and new rear gable.
  • Barbara Jean Meade and Arthur E. Linkins, 101 High Steet, re. plans to restore and lift existing house.