Zoning And Building Codes

Zoning And Building Codes

Oxford Building Permit Application:  Permit Applications and Information

This is the basic application used for all permit applications. Please complete all relevant sections, but do turn in ALL pages in with your application.

Applications for construction and other changes to your property will require three copies of a recorded plat survey, site plan or drawing (depending on the requirements set forth elsewhere in the Zoning Ordinance) upon which shall be drawn, shown or depicted to scale, the actual dimensions and shape of the parcel to be built upon; the exact size and locations on the parcel of buildings already existing, if any; and the location and dimension of the proposed building, structure or alteration, identification of neighboring property owners, critical area boundary and critical area buffer (when applicable), sediment control plan, elevation and delineation of floodplain, and the proposed location of any temporary on-site storage areas for construction materials, equipment or debris, as well as the proposed location of any portable storage container or large refuse container. As we have impervious limitations on all properties in Oxford, accurate impervious coverage calculations must be included on your site plan.

Fencing requires additional information found at  Permit Applications and Information

Plumbing Permit Applications should be requested from the town office.

Simplified Buffer Mgmnt Application is required for tree and shrub removal in Oxford. Oxford has a one for one tree replacement requirement. Information can be found at Permit Applications and Information