Oxford Resilience

The Town of Oxford is committed to facing future changes with preparation and determination. In order to maintain the necessary forward momentum in the face of Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and the ever changing Economy, the town has established a Community Resilience Committee to act as keepers of the information and to inform citizens and elected officials over time.

Oxford Community Resilience Committee CRC as initially established in 2022. This committee meets quarterly and times will be posted on the calendar.


Oxford Resilience Update (slide show) as provided in a town meeting on August 10, 2023

OCC video including slide show of the talk:
Town Talk Aug 10 – YouTube



The Oxford CRC was invited to participate in the University of Delaware’s film production on their Coastal Critical Zone Networks research project:   Salted Earth

A vast amount of information can be found on the topic of salt water intrusion on the Coastal Critical Zone Network website:



Oxford 2100 Visioning Project – 2023

  • Oxford 2100 Visioning  was presented to the public on June 10, 2023 as a slide show with a report to follow in September of 2023.


The town began initial studies in 2013 regarding Stormwater and Tidal Water Flooding concerns and in 2016 Economic Strategic Planning and has continued to utilize these initial studies for planning and funding initiatives.

Oxford Stormwater and Flood Management Study 2013

Oxford Historic Commercial District Plan 2016

Oxford Working Waterfront Strategic Plan 2017

Oxford Sustainable Community 2020 Renewal Report and Action Plan

Resilience Infrastructure Projects

Oxford Shoreline Improvements – 2023